Why Premium Rental Properties in Columbus Ohio Make Good Investments

Why Premium Rental Properties in Columbus Ohio Make Good Investments

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premium rental homeThere are many strategies used by investors when buying a piece of real estate. Many investors think the best strategy is to buy a house that needs work. Investors doing this are following the theory that you make money when you buy in the real estate market. So, they purchase a house that they buy low, fix up, and then either sell or rent. Their main focus is to find a property that they can get a deal on. However, there is another strategy that many real estate investors benefit from, purchasing premium rental properties in Columbus Ohio.

What are Premium Rental Properties?

According to the dictionary.com premium means, “of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind”. That is exactly what premium rental properties in Columbus Ohio are, a property that is of higher quality than the others in area. Investors might spend more money at the start when purchasing a premium rental property, but it can all payoff in the end. 

Tenants Stay Longer in Good School Districts

Do good schools lead to higher home values, or do higher home values lead to good schools? This question is widely debated, but either way, it has been proven through numerous studies that houses that are in good school districts are worth more money.  People who are living in good school distrcits don’t usually want to move out of them. That holds true for renters. Some people may not be able to afford to buy in a good school district, but they can afford to rent there. These tenants are more likely to be long term tenants, especially while their children are in school.

Fewer Repairs

When you purchase a rental property that is ready to rent you have fewer repairs, if any to make. Some investors think that they lose out on money by doing this, but there are two sides to every story. Purchasing a house that has already been updated and is properly maintained means one thing, you make money faster. When you purchase a premium house to use as a rental property you can begin to rent it immediately. This means you spend less on repairs and you reduce your risk of finding a hidden problem with the house.

Long Term Appreciation

Premium rental properties in Columbus Ohio are located in desirable areas will continue to increase in value. These are the neighborhoods that are established, and the places where people want to be. When you purchase a premium property you will be able to hold onto the property and take advantage of long term appreciation. This is a great option for a real estate investor that does not want to be constantly negotiating new real estate deals, or investors looking to build a rental portfolio.

If you are looking to start investing in premium rental properties in Columbus Ohio, Columbus Investment Group can help. Contact us today at 614-532-9964 to start your search for your real estate investment property.


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