Columbus Ohio Continues to Be One of the Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2017

Columbus Ohio Continues to Be One of the Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2017

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hot real estate market Columbus OhioColumbus Ohio is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country this year and it isn’t hard to see why. has listed Columbus on their list for the 20 hottest markets for the first three months of 2017. The fact that the city has continued to make the list month after month prove that this is no fluke. Columbus Ohio has become one of the hottest markets in the United States.

Columbus Rankings

There is a lot of supporting information proving that the real estate market in Columbus is strong and continuing to improve.

As mentioned above has named Columbus Ohio as a hot real estate market in America. In January the city was the 12th hottest city. During February the city fell 4 spots before rising back to 12 to end out the month of March. The website looks at the number of people that are looking at homes in the area and the rate of speed that houses are selling. Even during the cold, winter months, which are typically slower in northern states, Columbus managed to make the list. This is a good indication of what we can expect as we move into the busy spring and summer season.


Trulia, another popular real estate website, also shows that Columbus is improving. The city has been experiencing a 12% rise in the median sale price of homes year-over-year. The site also shows that almost all of the surrounding cities have been experiencing an increase in their real estate market as well. This is a good indicator that the area is continuing to improve as a whole, thus making it a great investment.


The website Areavibes provides detailed information about cities around the country to help people determine if they should move to the area. The sites ranks Columbus as 72, which is “very livable”. The site credits the following for that ranking: lots of local amenities, low cost of living, and sunny weather. The site also reports that there is a large amount of rental occupied households. If you are looking to invest in the area, the market is more than accommodating for rental properties.

Why Invest in Columbus Ohio

Now is the time to invest in Columbus Ohio. The market has been steadily improving. Currently, the average cost of purchasing real estate in the city is lower than many other markets. But, the values are on the rise. Columbus also has a strong rental market meaning investors looking to own rental properties have tenants that are ready and waiting.

Many neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio are being revitalized. This is contributing to the fact that Columbus is experiencing an increase in home values at a higher rate than the national average, and the state average, according to areavibes. The many amenities offered in the area are keeping people moving to the city.

If you have been considering investing into the Columbus Ohio real estate market do not delay. Call Columbus Investment Group to get started on the road to an investment in this hot real estate market.

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